Friday, February 6, 2009

SharePoint API: A Client-side Object Model - Demo Application

Back in November we released HubKey's Client-side API for SharePoint. This API wraps many of SharePoint Server 2007's Web Services (Lists Web Service, Webs Web Service, etc.) to provide a familiar object model that can be used on remote client machines without having to process XML requests and responses.

We've recently made a few updates and have included a demonstration application which is shown running in the screen capture below. This demo app creates a new list on a remote test site with a quick launch link, creates a "test person" list scoped content type, adds a number of randomly generated people records, and then adds a new default view with a custom query returning people below age 65. This list data is then browsable and editable by a DataGridView hosted in a Windows form. In addition, paging is demonstrated by using the SPListItemCollectionPosition object.

You can download a demo copy of the API - click here for details.

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